June 24, 2017

How can we restore xbstream backup created by Percona XtraBackup ?

Backup with Percona xtrabackup create a MySQL full backup using Percona XtraBackup with parallel compression enabled $ innobackupex –stream=xbstream –parallel=4 –compress –compress-threads=2 /var/lib/mysql > /root/backup/mybackup.xbstream Once successfully completed the backup, you will be seeing the […]

MySQL 8 new features I will be using often

MySQL 8 is incorporated with numerous features which excites all enthusiastic MySQL Database Architects / DBAs / Database Engineers / DBA Managers, I am attracted to few of them which will make my day-to-day MySQL […]

Hiring seasoned MySQL DBA

Careers @ MinervaDB We are always looking out for best breed of elite-class professional MySQL DBAs, Our customers are from diversified verticals like CDN, Mobile Advertisement Networks, E-Commerce, Social Media Applications, SaaS and Gaming. We […]

Why MySQL Benchmarking ?

MySQL Benchmarking Explained MySQL Benchmarking is conducted to measure the Database and Hardware Infrastructure performance and scalability  under varying  data load, Benchmarking tells us whether the Hardware Infrastructure is over / under sized and MySQL […]

MySQL Events

In MySQL, an event is uniquely identified by its name and the schema to which it is assigned. An event performs a specific action according to a schedule. This action consists of an SQL statement, […]

MySQL Error Log

The error log contains information indicating when mysqld was started and stopped and also any critical errors that occur while the server is running. If mysqldnotices a table that needs to be automatically checked or repaired, it writes […]

How MySQL Handles a Full Disk ?

When a disk-full condition occurs, MySQL does the following: It checks once every minute to see whether there is enough space to write the current row. If there is enough space, it continues as if […]

Resizing InnoDB Redo Log Files

To change the number or the size of your InnoDB redo log files, perform the following steps: Stop the MySQL server and make sure that it shuts down without errors. Edit my.cnf to change the log file configuration. To change […]

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